Multi-action mask without rinse

Non salts | 250 ml


Innovative formula that provides Intensive hair care in 4 dimensions:



repair and restoration of dry and damaged hair

opens Tangles

restoration of split ends.


protects dyed hair

sunscreen UVA, UVB

protects against Heat - before and after straightening / curling.


spectacular shine

perfect design.


soft and silky

easy to comb

intoxicating fragrance that also functions as a hair perfume

makes you smile throughout the day.

Instructions: Dry hair: spray on hand 2-6 clicks (depending on the amount of hair) Dissolve the hair and shape. You can use the following aspects slipping or Placing the material. Wet hair: spray from a distance of 20 cm directly on the hair 6-15 clicks (depending on the amount of hair) brush and finish the design according to your preference.

אורכידאה טיפוח שיער פארמה עודד קרטין מולטי אקשן